Meet My New Love!

It took me a while to take the plunge. Over a year to be exact.

So much time was spent thinking about it. My kids were on both sides of the fence. Two of them were fierce lovers of M; the other 2 went for W. Choosing either way was agony. I was torn!

My comfort zone was with W. After all, I had known W for the longest time — at work and at home. I knew what made W tick. There was no need for adjustments. He knew what I wanted; I knew his strengths and weaknesses. He was not perfect but he worked for me. As they say, why fix what ain’t broken?

But a few weeks ago, I made one of the most important decisions in my life. I chose M over W.

While my love affair with M is still brief and the novelty is still there, it is definitely not a whirlwind one as I had over a year to think about him. And I find more and more things about M to love as the days pass.

There is so much still to learn about M. He is still mysterious and fascinating and surprises me now and then with unexpected things. I hope M will not disappoint as I am wishing this will be a “for life” love affair.

This yogini is in love!

And here’s a picture of my new love —

the Macbook aluminum!

the Macbook aluminum!

It has been quite a battle in my head between getting a Windows-based laptop vs an Apple laptop. Years ago, I had the chance to use the Macintosh PCs in the office for desktop publishing and loved them. So I did have a yearning to go back to it. But I was always afraid of the incompatibilities in document formats, considering that I still operate work-wise in a Windows world. But with the latest batches of Macs, and with the new software coming out, those incompatibilites slowly faded into the background.

Surprisingly, I am transitioning quite well — at least on the basics. There are so many things still left unexplored. But I am in no hurry, really. Besides, there is a whole slew of blogger friends who already use the Mac and who are all potential resource persons for this start-up of a Mac user. Not to mention my 2 Mac kids: C2 (who is a software geek) and M1 (the hardware techie).

Today, one of the things I did was to take steps to protect my love. I trooped to V-Mall with M1 to look for a practical laptop sleeve. After looking at several possibilities at Digital Walker, I settled on this one from Sumdex. It had what I wanted (a handle!) so I could carry it around as is, or pop it into any bag I chose to bring: a backpack, messenger bag, or portfolio bag.

Features of the Sumdex laptop sleeve

Features of the Sumdex laptop sleeve

How it looks with the Mac inside

How it looks with the Mac inside

The laptop sleeve inside Hawk backpack

The laptop sleeve inside backpack

And it was a blessing that I did not need to buy a backpack. C1 had traded her Hawk backpack with me as she wanted the Jansport backpack I won at an event (post upcoming) and it was exactly what I needed to stuff the sleeve into.

The trade-in deal with C1 -- her Hawk backpack!

The trade-in deal with C1 -- her Hawk backpack!

Oh, and that was not all. We headed off to iStudio where they finally had stock of screen protectors for the new Macs (the protectors for last year’s models were too small and did not cover the black frame of the new Macs). There are 2 types of protectors: the glossy one and the matte, anti-glare kind. I chose the latter to save me the eyestrain when working at night with a very bright display screen.

So now you’ve met my new love.

Strangely, while most female Mac users give feminine names to their laptops and male Mac users likewise baptize theirs with male names, I see my aluminum Mac as a male and therefore, gave it a masculine name. Maybe it is the silvery, almost cold and logical look of it that did it for me. But that’s fine because I’d like to think that my companion of sorts on blogging events would be male (for in the real world, I do have more male friends than female).

More on this exciting love affair some other time…


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dresdendoll
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 01:27:56

    I was wondering what the M and the W meant. 😛 I thought of so many possibilities~ 😛

    Jane: Gotcha! 🙂


  2. jencc
    Nov 16, 2008 @ 06:54:22

    ay naku, jane, you will love M more, i tell ya!

    Jane: Hehe, Jen. I hope true love ko na ito. Once you find the love of your life, you treasure it forever, di ba? Sana ganito na nga… 🙂


  3. Dine Racoma
    Nov 19, 2008 @ 00:08:51

    your MAX will never let you down, i tell you. not getting sick at all–look Ma, no virus! and will be your partner at work and in fun!

    Jane: Dine, finally I get to join you and Noemi. Am looking forward to learning how to use it.


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