Are you a MANY-malist? Or a MINImalist?

The New Year is always the time to get rid of the old.

Just before the New Year, I looked around the room and saw eyesores here and there…unread books in stacks on the floor, newsclippings in envelopes that have not been sorted, Christmas gifts waiting to be put away, and basically things in places where they are not supposed to be.

My longest dream has been to go MINIMALIST. But with 4 kids who are also MANY-malists like myself, it is a real challenge to keep only the basic necessities and do away with the extras. My girls and I are also sentimental and tend to keep things because “it was given by <name>” or “it reminds me of <occasion>” or “we could use this someday“.



This year though I will try to do something about it. At the very least, even if I am not able to attain the complete minimalistic look, I can reduce clutter to a great extent.

These last few days, despite being allergic to dust and sneezing all over the place, I have managed to clean my room, rearrange the bookshelves to accommodate my unread books on the floor, and just threw out clippings I have not touched in years. THERE!!!!!


One of my bookshelves with my unread books


My yoga books and stack of Yoga Journal mags

If you are like me and trying to go minimalist, here are some links on the web to start us out on our quest:

1. How to decorate your room in minimalist style

2. The Minimalist Approach, Clear That Clutter

3. How to Create a Minimalist Home

4.  A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Home


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