Filipino Bucket List

My dearest friend from Philly, Kathleen, posted this on her Facebook.

How intriguing! I have my own personal bucket list — but a Filipino version? Anyway, it seemed like fun to go down the list and check those I had done already and plan for those I haven’t. Why not do the same and send me the link to your post!

Just place an X by all the things you’ve done and remove the X from the ones you have not.

(x) Walked in the flood
(x) Ate balot (and penoy) – and yes, never again for balot!!!!
(x) Ate kambing (goat), ( ) aso (dog) or () bayawak (giant lizard) – just dog (and only by accident — at a canao festival in Baguio. I only found out after our dog back home growled at me and refused to approach.)
() Ate adidas (chicken feet), helmet (chicken head) or isaw (chicken intestine) 
(x) Rode a tricycle
(x) Rode a karitela
( ) Rode a trolley by the houses along the riles (railroad)
(x) Been to the Rice Terraces – went with officemates as part of our Camera Club event
(x) Shot the Rapids at Pagsanjan
( ) Gone to the Lanzones Festival
(x) Ate with your fingers on banana leaves
(x) Ate Taho
(x) Ate aratiles
(x) Attended Simbang Gabi ( Midnight Mass ) – but never finished the whole set
(x) Played Patintero 
(x) Played Tumbang Preso
(x) Played Piko
(x) Played Sungka – I have my own sungka and shells!
() Played with Spiders (Gagamba derby)
() Climbed a coconut tree 
(x) Danced the Tinikling – at school in Philadelphia, with friend Vince Perez, during United Nations Day
() Got on a jeepney where you had to stand
(x) Got on a jeepney
() Caught fish in the canal during a rainy day
( ) Participated in Ati-Atihan
(x) Eaten fish head
( ) Got drunk from lambanog (coconut wine)
(x) Attended a Prosesyon (Procession of the Stations of the Cross) during Holy Week
() visited an inmate at Bilibid prison
(x) Gone to Baguio – many, many times
(x) Gone to the Sagada – went with officemates as part of our Camera Club event
( ) Gone to Palawan (have been to Mindoro).
(x) Gone to the the Visayas – am from there and continue to visit up to now
(x ) Gone to Mindanao – lived there as a child
(x) Lived in any other part of the Philippines – Luzon now
(x) Cut class – who doesn’t anyway? 🙂
(x) Told manananggal, aswang stories during a brownout or rainy night
(x) Slept under a mosquito net
(x) Slept on a banig (mat)
(x) Polished the floor with coco husk (bunot)
(x) Tasted durian – I LOVE THIS FRUIT!
(x) Ate pandesal filled with condensed milk
(x) Dunked pandesal into hot coffee
(x) Rode a kalabaw – once, as a child, in Guimaras Island
() Took a bath under a “poso” or by the “ilog” (in the ilog!)
(x) Used a pumice stone when taking a bath
(x) Tumulay sa kawayan 
() Kept vigil at the Cemetery for Nov. 1st
() Had their first date in Luneta
(x) Have gone inside Malacanang – field trip
(x) Gone shopping at Divisoria
(x) Has serenaded or has been serenaded (harana)
( ) Gone to Camiguin Islands
() Gone shopping in Quiapo
(x) Eaten champorado with chokolate and tuyo
(x) Eaten dirty ice cream – sorbetero ice cream is LOVE!
(x) Greeted your grandparents or elders by kissing their hand or having them touch your forehead
(x) Seen Taal Volcano – not just seen it; we were able to climb up to its crater!
(x) Watched the sunset by Manila Bay


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. imom
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 13:30:06

    That’s a fun list. I think I wanna do it too. hehe


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