Ipanema Launches its GB Seeds Collection

Last Feb. 19 (Thursday), Ipanema launched its GB Seeds Collection of fashion-savvy flip flops. Gisele Bundchen, a famous Brazilian fashion icon and dubbed by Forbes Magazine as “The World’s Top-Earning Model”, is the inspiration behind this line of flip flops.

C2 and I were lucky to be part of the well-organized event held at Le  Souffle at the Fort.


Ipanema has been around for a while but this new line of flip flops has some great features:

* all the soles have a forest-inspired print

* the straps have a metal spiral button gracing the front sandal strap symbolizing “the seed of life” (this reminds the wearer to do his part and share in the campaign towards a lush Philippines by helping to spread the word)

* made in Brazil, we were told by Mr. Francisco Patxi Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation (exclusive distributors of Ipanema) that these flip flops are made entirely of recycled plastic. 

C2 and I sat at a table with other blogger mommies and friends: Dine, Maki, Cookie, Wenchie, Aiza, and Julie. And later, we bumped into others like Annalyn, Aileen, Lace, Mica and Cess. Spotted at the event too were other male blogger friends: Fritz, Azrael, Eric, Jay, Dante, Jayvee, WinstonMarkku, etc.


My mommy blogger friends and C2

My mommy blogger friends and C2


With Lace, Dine and Jay

With Lace, Dine and Jay


The tables were simple but tastefully arranged. A unique touch was the incorporation of the flip flops into the decor.

ipanema0016-medres     ipanema0043-medres

The food served us was a full-blown feast — from appetizers to main dishes to several dessert selections. Le Souffle’s menu was definitely something to relish.

After the sumptuous feast, we were treated to a dance performance by members of the Philippine Ballet Theatre who were all wearing the Ipanema flip flops. 

I sat entranced during the entire show. First, the fact that it was a dance presentation appealed to me because I was, once upon a time, a ballet student on toeshoes. But what really caught me by surprise was the fact that the dancers wore flip flops that looked very pliable, soft and almost like ballet sandals. When the dancers pointed their toes, the soles folded easily for a great en pointe. They twirled, leapt, sashayed across the catwalk in them. We learned that these were the same sandals they wore during their rehearsals.

See how the flip-flop follows when she does her en pointe? Whew!!!

See how the flip flop follows when she does her en pointe? Whew!!!

Ballet shoes get the most punishing workout so if their Ipanema flip flops survived without breaking a strap or worse, getting the soles split in the middle, that definitely spells DURABILITY. I’m a convert!


Francisco Patxi Elizalde with the Philippine Ballet Theater

ELRO Managing Director Francisco Patxi Elizalde with the Philippine Ballet Theatre

Here is a video of one of their dances:


The organizers also raffled off bags that were designed with gardening tools but lo and behold! Inside each of those bags was — a pair of Ipanema GB Seeds flip flops! AND I WON ONE! A second pair for the night…Here are pics of the 2 pairs I took home.

  ipanema-gb-seeds-new-thong-fem-brown_bronze  ipanema-gb-seeds-thong-strap-ad-brown_bronze

The advocacy of ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation to contribute to environmental consciousness does not end here. In partnership with the Haribon Foundation, the environment conservation organization, they are organizing a Walkathon to benefit the Philippine rainforests. The walkathon, called Walk the Green Mile, is slated for March 21, 2009, with the assembly point in front of Le Souffle, The Fort, Taguig.

You can help Haribon with its “ROAD to 2020″ (Rainforestation Organizations and ADvocates) campaign to plant and grow native trees in 1 million hectares of our local rainforests until year 2020. Purchasing a pair of Ipanema flip-flops allows you not only to join the walkathon but part of the proceeds from your purchase will go to Haribon’s program.

Here are the details of the walkathon:

Date: March 21, 2009

Time: registration starts 3pm; walkathon starts 5pm

Assembly point: parking lot near Le Souffle, The Fort, Taguig (The Fort Strip, beside Embassy)

What awaits participants on this day:

* The first 30 persons to finish the walkathon get a free pair of Ipanema GB Seeds flip-flops of their choice

* The first 300 people to join and register on March 21 get a limited Ipanema Gisele Bundchen baller ID

* The first 100 people to register at the venue get a limited Walk the Green Mile shirt

* 10% off on Ipanema GB Seeds slippers at the Ipanema booth

* Up to 3 pairs of Ipanema GB Seeds flip flops signed by Gisele will be raffled off to participants who buy during the event

If you are interested in joining the walkathon, get in touch with Ms. Maricel Mabalot of ELRO Corporation at 753-3647 to 48 local 103 or email cel.mabalot@elrocom.com.

Many, many thanks to m2comms people (Shyla and Cecille, among others) for such a wonderful event (and cause) and of course, to Aileen who initiated the invite.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. imom
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 13:24:24

    Hi Jane!!
    It looks like you all had a fabulous night! Of course I missed this again. 😦 But I’m checking my calendar now for the March 21 event – free so far! Do we use Ipanema flipflops for the walkathon? I’m going to buy myself a pair this summer, if only for the good cause of helping save the rain forests.

    Jane: Chats, it will be 10% off if you buy it at the Ipanema booth during the event!!! See you there. I’ve calendared it na.


  2. Micamyx
    Feb 24, 2009 @ 17:22:14

    Tita I was there too LOL 😀

    Jane: Ay! My dear Mica. Of course kasama ka. Editing my blog NOW!


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  5. Chona
    Apr 23, 2009 @ 01:51:01

    Ipanema is indeed durability+comfort+RELIABILITY combined. When I was in Coron, I didn’t know we’d do a “minor” rock climbing (as in ROCK!). My friends were in booties while I was just in my flipflops…I SURVIVED the climb. Twice. No slip! Since then I have called my pair “my faithful servant.” And with the recent pouring, not once have I slipped in it. Super happy ako dito. Worth every cent I spent 🙂

    @Chona – I am likewise so happy with my 2 pairs of Ipanema flipflops. 🙂


  6. jadis
    Jun 01, 2009 @ 02:20:46

    hey there,

    hi. i was just wondering where i can get ipanema flip flops?

    thanks much!

    @jadis – They are available at SM Dept Store, Shoe Salon, Chocolate Clothing Company, Red Alert, Landmark, Freeway, Planet Sports, Crossings, Brent and Chloe in Pampanga, Stand and Stride in Cabanatuan, Chimes Davao, 25th Avenue Square Naga, Basix Bacolod and some other boutiques.


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