Share How You Keep the Fire Burning (and win!)

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How do you keep the romance burning in your marriage? If the spark had gone out, how did you rekindle it?

Do you remember your warm, fuzzy, romantic feelings when you first exchanged ‘I do’s’?

Where is it now? More often than not, once the reality of actually being married sets in, you realize it is more than just the dates and lovey-dovey-ness of it. Once the baby/ies start coming, more time is spent taking care of the little ones and earning a living. There are bills to pay, problems with househelp, in-laws to deal with, and so much more. Some couples drift apart, then find a way to come together again (love is lovelier the second time around!!!). Others are lucky enough not to lose the spark but continue to nurture and feed it throughout their life together. I get teary-eyed when I see couples in their 70s or 80s still holding hands and looking dreamily into each other’s eyes.

Whether you’ve just been married a few weeks, a few months, a few years, or lots and lots of years, HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Share your story with us, let us in on your secret, and get a chance to win this if we think your secret formula gives us the tingles! We have as many as 5 of these to give away:

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Here are just a few rules:

1. I am opening this up to my male and female readers because I know you guys also have a story to tell!!!

2. You must be a resident in the Philippines.

3. Your entry can come in either of two (2) forms:

a. If you are a blogger, do a post in your blog on the question above (spice it up with pics or videos) but be sure to leave me a comment below with a link back to your blog post;

b. If you do not have a blog but wish to join, write your story in the comment box below. Maximum: 200 words.

4. The husband or the wife can submit an entry but ONLY ONE ENTRY PER EMAIL ADDRESS.

5. Entries must be submitted between March 14-27, 2009 (ending midnight of March 27, Philippine time). I will close off the comments box at exactly midnight.

6. The winners will be announced in this blog by March 31 and will be informed via email. Metro Manila winners will need to claim their prize personally from a Makati office. Provincial winners have to provide a valid MAILING address to which the prize can be sent.

7. I have chosen a special person to judge the entries. The decision of the judge is final.

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