Michael Jackson (1958-2009): Never Can Say Goodbye to the Man in the Mirror

An icon from my generation is gone. Michael Jackson died of apparent cardiac arrest at 2:26pm today (Los Angeles time). He was only 50.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s with Michael Jackson, I remember him as a tiny boy with a fantastic angelic voice that could hit all those high notes effortlessly. We used to watch him perform as part of the Jackson 5 (remember, this was a time when Janet Jackson was still non-existent in showbiz!). They had their own show and appeared in countless others.


My younger years at parties (soirees as we called them then) and discos were filled with Michael Jackson dance songs. Rock With You was a favorite. So were Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Billie Jean.

Yes, over the years he changed so much physically and at the end, with his sharp nose and whitened skin, he looked nothing like the Michael of the 70s. People began speculating about his state of mind. But the appeal of his music through the decades did not wane.

His songs went beyond my generation. Our son, M1, who is only 17 years old, saved up his school allowance to be able to buy the Thriller album so he could put the songs on his ipod. Imagine the span of years here!

I have been listening to my collection of his songs on my ipod the whole day, with the TV tuned in to CNN as they covered the breaking news from all angles. I have not yet fully absorbed the impact of this news. Who could imagine this tragedy when he was planning a comeback with 50 shows in London this July?

There are sad stories about his life but I wish to remember Michael Jackson as the one who gave the whole world so many wonderful songs, patended the Moonwalk, and danced his way into all our hearts.

Michael, I wish you peace in God’s arms now. You will be sorely missed but you have left us so much music so that we can never, ever, forget you.

Here are a few YouTube videos to remember Michael by, singing some of my favorite songs.

And this is the best montage of Michael Jackson’s smooth dance moves that I could find. No one can dance like Michael can dance!!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Big Fan
    Jun 28, 2009 @ 01:19:58

    Never Can Say Goodbye, no we can…

    I regret the loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson! Jacko is a legend. I hope he gets where he is now, finally in peace.
    Leave also your last greeting at Michael Jackson on our site, thanks.
    a big and now sad fan


  2. Adrienne Willis
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 22:32:35

    A gentle soul has gone to serenade with the angels. God Bless his family. He will truely be missed, but he has left us with his music which will live on for generations.


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