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The winners are:

1. Eunice

2. Suzanne

3. Aly

Congratulations! Please check your email from me and bring a printed copy when claiming your prize.


What’s it with today’s generation? I find so many of my kids’ friends into the cramming mode. And I must confess, my own brood get into this mode every so often as well! I must admit, there are just too many distractions these days.

A whole lot more is out there than during my time when we just had to be taken away from the TV. Now, there’s the internet, the PSP, the Wii, the PS3, mobile phones, and all other techie gadgets that can really eat up time, if you are not careful.

When I was growing up, my super duper organized Dad always ingrained in me the value of managing my time. I guess it paid off that I was nerdy then. I was the type who would start on a paper weeks in advance, researching, writing and re-writing it till I was satisfied. That discipline was honed even more when I spent over 16 years with the leading accounting firm in the Philippines. Tight deadlines, plenty of overtime, pressure and stress combined squeezed out whatever time management skills you had already acquired and if you were still lacking in it, forced you to develop some real quick.

When computers were not staples yet of the home, it was easier to drill time management into my kids — at least the older girls. At that time, I had a house rule: No TV from Monday to Thursday. They could only watch TV beginning Friday after class till early Sunday evening.

Now, with computers and with homework necessitating research on the internet, it is harder to clamp down and impose rules like “no computers, no internet”. The “no TV” rule does not apply since they’d rather go on the internet than watch a TV show (should I be thankful?). But how to control their time on the internet?

With great difficulty, based on my experience. Let me give you a few examples:

“No computers from Monday to Thursday”Mom! Most of our assignments require us to do research. How can I access Wikipedia if you don’t let us on?

“Ok, you can go online but NO CHATTING!”But Mom, my classmates and I are online and we are discussing our assignments!

So I am left with the only thing I can impose on my boys (the girls, in college, are pretty much on their own already) — “I don’t want to see any gaming windows open!”. Let’s see them come up with a retort to THAT!

More important than just imposing rules is giving them a sense of OWNERSHIP and RESPONSIBILITY. Ownership means that they acknowledge that their assignments are theirs alone to prepare and accomplish. RESPONSIBILITY is accepting the consequences of NOT doing it properly or worse, not doing it at all. I have always emphasized to my kids that I will never go to their teachers to play down or cover up for homework that they failed to do. They had to face these consequences themselves.


Anyway, here’s something FUN, FUN, FUN! And it’s so easy because it comes from your personal experience!

I’d love to hear the best time management techniques that you ever gave out to your kids. Share any anecdotes that you may have experienced in using these techniques and what the results were on your kids.

Just post a comment below (with a valid email address) and that serves as your entry. You can submit only 1 entry until July 20, 2009 (midnight).

The three (3) most unique and interesting answers each get one (1) Kids Watch Central watch for your little one.  Kids Watch Central wants to give your kids a head start with time management. What better way than with a watch they can use to monitor time!!!

Kids Watch Central-IMG_0059

(Note: The actual watches to be given away may not necessarily match what are shown in the pictures.)

Winners within Metro Manila and surrounding areas may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang c/o Arbee Panga, Unit 7D Tuscan Building, 114 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City. Provincial winners will get their prizes via courier. Open to residents in the Philippines only.

On July 21, I will update this post with the names of the three (3) winners.

Many thanks to GeiserMaclang and Kids Watch Central for this TIME-ly contest.


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  1. Zack
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 18:58:31

    Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  2. shiela
    Jul 13, 2009 @ 11:19:38

    Being a 24/7 mom is a tough job. I’m a single mom to a 7y/o laovely daughter. I work as a Call Cente Agent, My schedule is always in graveyard shift, 9pm-6am. I usually get home by 7am.

    As soon as I arrive home my daughter is waiting for me at the living room, we chat while we prepare breakfast. Then, her chore is to wash dishes, then I would take a nap for about 2 hours. By 1030am, will start preparing for her school baon, then check her school stuff etc.. As her schedule is from 12nn-5pm. As soon as her school bus fetch her, I would cook food for our dinner and lunch the next day… Then will have some shut eye for few hours.

    6pm, she would arrive from school, take some rest for about 30mins. then start doing her school projects/ asignments etc… And would assist her if needed.

    By 730pm, we will eat dinner together. This is also the time my sister will be coming over for the night (always :D), to sleep with my daughter. Then by 8:15, I would prepare for my work…

    Weekends, it’s my rest days :D..We already have plans on what things we’ll do for our Bonding Time!! We would go shopping/ grocery, watch a movie, eat out. Or just simply stay home, do some house cleaning, have some food delivery, sleep, sleep, sleep 😀

    That is our usual routine everyday… We totally enjoy each other’s time, as we help and designate each other’s tasks. We would organize and plan everything out. We talk it out, so that there will be Time Wastage 😀

    All I can say that we accomplish somehow the things we planned. It really takes discipline. Strong mind and body to achieve Time Management… Our motto ‘ BAWAL MAGKASAKIT, KAPAG NAGKASAKIT, LAHAT DAMAY, PATI ANG ORAS…”

  3. eunice
    Jul 16, 2009 @ 12:10:46

    I’m very conscious with regards to time. I always remind my kids to be organized in eveything they do. We always spend our time wisely as well.

    I have set a schedule for my all of us to follow.. it’s stick to the wall. Each of my kids, have their own organizer. It’s like our daily diary…

    My kids are disciplined in valuing time.. And I’m proud to say, that never my kids and I experienced late in everything. We finished everything on time or earlier.

    In attending parties/ events, we’re always being awarded as “Early Birds”…

  4. suzanne
    Jul 18, 2009 @ 10:03:27

    One of the most important thing I learned from my parents is the Vaue of Time. I proud to say I’m always been a recipient of “Most Prompt/Punctual Student/ Employee”… lols. this is also one of my kids’ achivements as well…
    And now I’m a SAHM to my 5 and 7y/o kids, my hubby is an OFW. I don’t have yaya/ maid or driver.. Everything should be organized. I always tell my kids that if you don’t know the importance of time, you won’t accomplish anything. . At an early age, I teach them to appreciate and enjoy time as well.

    At home, we are so busy, yet enjoying doing our own assigned responsbilities/tasks… Weekdays, from school, as soon as they get home, they have a 15 minute rest. Then, a hour and 30 mins. to do and finish all their assignments. Then snacks for 30 mins., and an hour of playtime/ watching tv etc… Then finally do their assigned chore/s.
    Every Friday, we always have a family meeting, to set a schedule for the coming week… We plan, organize and place it in our family calendar. Every activity/ event that we need to attend to, my kids knows how to prepare beforehand. Being Late is not an excuse… Being On time will give you an edge…

    Every second is so precious for us. I can say that we truly accomplish a lot with the daily time schedule we follow

  5. aly
    Jul 19, 2009 @ 23:51:04

    your challenge: “the best time management techniques that you ever gave out to your kids. Share any anecdotes that you may have experienced in using these techniques and what the results were on your kids.”

    “things that get written down get done” – armed with a set of stylus markers, my daughter brought this to a higher level by transforming her planner to not only a place to write down things she needs to be reminded of but a storehouse of memories and creative outlet.

    “rid yourself of wasted time” that may well as be written out as “read yourself off wasted time” – what i teach the kids by doing is to always bring something to read just in case you get caught with unexpected waiting time at places like a doctor’s office. my kids never leave the house unarmed with a either homework to read or their current favorite read.

    “don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today” – this isn’t an original but i have an anecdote for this. one time one of my kids opted to put off printing her report the next morning instead of doing it right after she was done writing it. unfortunately, there was a brownout the next morning so she had to bear with the stress of having to pass by my cousin’s house on the way to school just to print.

  6. omar
    Jul 20, 2009 @ 18:48:44

    My wife values time differently; she’s a person who can accomplish a lot of things even in a small span of time. So when it comes to time management, it is more of my responsibility than hers.

    Everyday, I have to commute an hour before I arrive at the office, but I can still eat breakfast with my wife and daughter. I keep on reminding my daughter that it is important that she’ll arrive to school early so she doesn’t need to rush in writing her long name. During parties or events, I set more time allowances and utter the time we should be there so everyone would hurry up. Through being persistent and being a good example, not only my kids, but even my wife is adapting ways on how to be early most of the time.

  7. Jane
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 00:05:00

    I am closing the comments section at this time as the blog contest comes to a close.

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing. I will update my post above once the three (3) winners are selected. You will be notified via email.


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