Krispy Kreme Searches the World Over for its Fave Fans

Krispy Kreme celebrated its 72 years today by treating its customers who visited its stores in selected countries to free doughnuts and coffee today. I was at their Boni High Street store earlier this afternoon with some of my blogger friends. We were treated to free doughnuts and beverages as we sat around and just enjoyed each other’s company despite the rains outside. I think the rains actually made us enjoy their coffee even more!

As part of a continuing celebration of their anniversary, Krispy Kreme has also launched an international search for Krispy Kreme’s fave fans all over the world. If you are 18 years old and above and live in any of these countries (Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines and the United Kingdom) you may join in.

Win a year’s supply of doughnuts and more than that, get a trip for two to the home of Krispy Kreme in Winston, Salem, North Carolina, USA.

Read all the FAQs HERE. Just to give you an idea of how the contest goes, this is all you need to do, based on one of the questions in the FAQ page:

To celebrate 6 dozen years of making our customers’ lives special, Krispy Kreme is searching for their fave fans around the world. The contest requires applicants to submit a photo with a 72 word (or less) caption that answers the question: “How has Krispy Kreme made your life special?” Entries will be accepted through July 13 to September 15, 2009. A Local Krispy Kreme judging committee will then select a group of 12 finalists for each participating markets and then the ultimate winner for each market will be selected through on-line voting.

Join now. Their fave fan could just be YOU!


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