Globe Dared Us and Took Us for a Ride!

It all began with a very mysterious email. Do we dare RSVP for this blogger event at M Cafe, Ayala Museum, Makati?

Globe Tattoo

My curiosity tickled, I replied to confirm. Then, we were told to “dress to impress”. When I asked what that meant, I was just told to dress up as though we would go clubbing. Conversations online among my mommy blogger friends did not give us any better clue as to what was going on. This was how we looked when we met up.

While canapes were being served at M Cafe, we started wondering what was going on as 1 hour passed and nothing was happening. Finally after a long wait, we were asked to step out into the fountain area of Ayala Museum. There we saw several bikers in maong, leather gloves and shades with their Harley-Davidson bikes!


Globe DARED us to ride on the Harleys. One of our girl bloggers, Cher, volunteered. I also wanted to ride on one of the bikes but they ran out of helmets! This was as far as I got.

So instead, my mommy blogger friends and I rode one of 5 coasters Globe readied for us and we went down Ayala Ave., through Buendia, till we reached Polaris St. where we ended up at our final destination — Handlebar, a bikers’ bar!

Finally, we were told what the event was all about. Globe Tattoo, which previously launched as a USB-based broadband service, will be launched this Aug. 30, 2009 via a Tattoo SIM which is already call-, text- and internet-enabled. With your Tattoo SIM you can do all 3 with just one single top-up.

In addition, they have a new, no-expiry text offer called ImmortalTXT. For only P10, you get 50 texts to Globe/TM and 10 texts to other networks that will never expire .


Globe also announced its new Globe Tattoo website. What’s new about this site is that it is widget-based. Every application is a separate widget you can drag around and rearrange on your screen the way you want. Not all of its applications are live as of now but watch for these.


Each of us came away with our very own Tattoo prepaid SIM card so we could try the all-in-one features.

The event’s highlight for the bloggers was a big D-A-R-E.

Anyone willing to get a REAL tattoo from a nearby tattoo place would be awarded a Dell Mini.

OK, I confess I was sorely tempted to raise my hand. Our son will be traveling abroad soon and he’ll need a netbook. But — a tattoo? A permanent one at that? GULP. I chickened out. Haha…

Well, several brave bloggers actually volunteered and when the organizers fished a name out of the bowl, it was LAUREN DADO! Brave girl! She ended up with a tattoo on her back (a barcode design) and went home with the netbook. Whoooo!

Thanks, Globe, for that innovative, fun, fun, fun blogger event. And finally, we have a text service where load does not expire.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. toni
    Sep 05, 2009 @ 22:49:13

    Ooooh that sounds like so much fun!!! And way to go Lauren! 😀


  2. jencc
    Sep 06, 2009 @ 06:46:28

    i would have wanted the tat! (stan would kill me though)

    jane, did you tell them that visibility is crap? hahahahahahaha!

    @Jen – We planned to speak with the CEO but the media guys got to him first. Then later, we couldn’t find him anymore.


  3. Tiffy
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 12:38:07

    Tita Jane, so pretty! 😀


  4. Michael Escover
    Sep 09, 2009 @ 14:38:23

    Nice to hear that Globe has this service. they surely understands the trend and needs of filipinos. i was really delighted when they introduced Globe Duo then Gcash Click and now Immortaltxt in which my plan to apply for iphone 3Gs plan from Globe suddenly halted because of this. will probably buy this new Globe Tattoo Sim so that i can have a greater coverage for my internet. i am a loyal Globe subscriber if you would ask.


  5. Cara Uymatiao
    Sep 11, 2009 @ 01:19:04

    “OK, I confess I was sorely tempted to raise my hand.”

    So does this mean that if I compulsively decided to get one, it would be okay? XD

    @Cara – It better be worth the permanence of that tattoo. They said removing it is more painful than having it put on. And it scars. That changed my mind…


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